New Waterline Project for Central Barbour PSD

We have been selected by the Central Barbour Public Service District to perform the engineering design work on a Rehabilitation Project for the original system that was placed in service in 1979.

The project will be broken down into three contracts as follows:

Contract No. 1 will include main line and service line replacement, meter replacement including a portion of meter wells, meter setters and pressure reducing valves, an extension on Independence Road for 12 new customers, new Booster Stations 1 and 2, and the demolition of old booster stations.

Contract No. 2 will include clearing for a second water storage tank at Union, excavation and roadway upgrade, foundation construction and tank erection.

Contract No. 3 will include the painting of the existing Union, Mt. Liberty and Pt. Pleasant tanks.

Construction should begin in 2020. 

A map of the proposed project is below.

Central Barbour PSD Rehabilitation Project Map.