New Waterline Project for Central Barbour PSD

We have been selected by the Central Barbour Public Service District to perform the engineering design work on a Rehabilitation Project for the original system that was placed in service in 1979.

The project will be broken down into three contracts as follows:

Contract No. 1 will include main line and service line replacement, meter replacement including a portion of meter wells, meter setters and pressure reducing valves, an extension on Independence Road for 12 new customers, new Booster Stations 1 and 2, and the demolition of old booster stations.

Contract No. 2 will include clearing for a second water storage tank at Union, excavation and roadway upgrade, foundation construction and tank erection.

Contract No. 3 will include the painting of the existing Union, Mt. Liberty and Pt. Pleasant tanks.

Construction should begin in 2020. 

A map of the proposed project is below.

Central Barbour PSD Rehabilitation Project Map.


Our Latest Sewage Project-Cove Run Club LLC Sewage Treatment Facility

Our latest project was for a Sewage Treatment Facility in a 20-lot Recreational Development in northern Barbour County, West Virginia.  Lots on this development run directly to the eastern edge of the Tygart Valley River, and during the summer provide water access to the summer pool level of Tygart Lake.  

Reference Contact Person

William Weisel
39 Adrian Drive
Greensburg, PA 15601



Sample Project Drawings

Cove Run Club LLC – Overall Property and Location Map
Cove Run Club LLC – Sewage System Plan View and Schematic

Construction Pictures